#1 Cockroach Uses Drones to kill children in Pakistan and Yemen

Recently America celebrated (?) the anniversary of the Sandy Hook

Elementary school shootings. While this event was a tragedy the

MSM in America will never mention what Obama does everyday

in Pakistan,and Yemen, HE KILLS CHILDREN.

This partial list of children killed by Barack Obama in Pakistan was compiled from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism: Noor Aziz (8) male, Addul Wasit (17) male, Noor Syed (8) male, Wajid Noor (9) male, Sanaullah Jan (17) male, Maezol Khan (8) female, Nasir Khan/male, Naeem Khan/male, Naeemullah/male, Mohammad Tahir (16) male, Azizul Wahab (15) male, Fazal Wahab (16) male, Ziauddin (16) male, Mohammad Yunus (16) male, Fazal Hakim (19) male, llyas (13) male, Sohail (7) male, Asadullah (9) male, Khalilullah (9) male, Noor Mohammad (8) male, Khalid (12) male, Saifullah (9) male. And in Yemen: Afrah Ali Mohammad Nasser (9) female, Zayda Ali Mohammad Nasser (7) female, Hoda Ali Mohammad Nasser (5) female, Sheikha Ali Mohammad Nasser (4) female, lbrahim Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye (13) male, Asmaa Abddd Salem Louqye (9) male, Salma Abdullah Mokbei Salem Louqye (4) female, Fatima Abdulolah Mokbei Salem Louqye (3) female, and Khadije Ali Mokbel Louqye (1) female. Droneswatch.org published the list in 2013. I bet Obama doesn’t have a clue nor is he informed regarding his barbaric actions Pakistan and Yemen.
Shame on you Barack. You are a disgrace to this country as are your minions who carry out the Killing.


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