USA Cockroaches 1948–ROGUE STATE



Coup in Peru

A military coup occurs in Peru. The elected government is overthrown by CIA trained Manuel Odria.

This and subsequent undemocratic governments is recognised and armed by the West, expecially the USA. Elections would not be held until 1980.



France in Vietnam

The USA backs French forces attempting to retake Vietnam. Thousands of civilians die in bombing.



USA and Nicaragua

The USA supports and arms the corrupt dictator Anastasio Samoza in Nicaragua. The USA’s  President Roosevelt says of Samoza: “Somoza may  be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.”

The Samoza family amasses a huge fortune and crush dissent ruthlessly. Although  Anastasio is assassinated in 1956, the dynasty continues.



© 2014, KryssTal


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