USA Cockroaches-1949–ROGUE STATE



China (Civil War)

The USA helps the Nationalist side (lead by Chiang Kai-Shek) in the civil  war in China between them and the Communists (under  Mao Tse Tung). Guns are supplied to Chiang Kai-Shek, who secretly sells many  to Japan. The USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) funds these operations by drug running between Burma and  China.


After the Communist victory in China, the Nationalists go  to the island of Taiwan and set up a rival government.

The USA recognises Taiwan as the legitimate government of China. The USSR recognises the government of mainland China. The two main superpowers have created two Chinas. Taiwan gets the  single seat in the United Nations (because of American pressure) even though it contains less than 1% of the population. Taiwan is  backed and supported by the USA even though, it bans all political parties until 1987. Mainland China, representing a fifth of the  world’s population, would not be allowed to join the United Nations until 1971.


Many Nationalists take refuge in northern Burma where  CIA advisors arm them for incursions into China.



Saudi Arabia

An American oil company gains 60 year oil concession in Saudi Arabia from un-elected and authoritarian government. The  al-Saud family had been placed in power by the UK in 1932.

Multi-national companies will spread around the world with environmental and political consequences. USA and UK influence in this country’s affairs  will lead to resentment by dissident forces.



South Africa (Establishment of Apartheid)

Apartheid (separation of races) is implemented in South Africa by a government elected by the  people who benefit from apartheid (30%) and not by its victims (70%).

Apartheid laws segregate the races (who are classified by the state), ban inter-racial sex or marriage and define where people are allowed to live.  Even beaches and park benches are segregated. The USA and Western Europe continue to trade and support this government even though it oppresses a  large number of people.



Coup in Syria

The USA backs the military coup that deposes the elected government of Syria. Colonel Al-Zaim becomes dictator and his government is immediately recognised by the USA.  The CIA assists in the suppression of political opposition.



Coup in Greece

The USA backs a military coup in Greece and helps the new government set up a secret police, the  KYP. The military would rule the country until 1952.



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