USA Cockroaches–1950–ROGUE STATE




The McCarthy Witch Hunts reach their peak in USA.

Thousands of people are blacklisted from work in USA for their suspected political views.

According to the USA writer Noam Chomsky, McCarthyism was  “actually a campaign to undermine unions, working-class culture, and independent thought launched by business… well  before McCarthy appeared on the scene and made the mistake, which finally destroyed him, of attacking people with power.”


The CIA had been recruiting USA news organizations and journalists to become spies and  disseminators of propaganda. The effort is headed by Frank Wisner, Allan DullesRichard Helms and Philip Graham. The latter publishes the newspaper,  The Washington Post, which becomes a major CIA asset. The CIA’s media assets will eventually include the  television stations, ABC, NBC, and CBS,  as well as news magazines and news gathering organisations, Time, NewsweekAssociated Press, United Press InternationalReuters, Hearst NewspapersScripps-Howard, and Copley News Service. The  CIA would later admit to having at least 25 news organizations and 400 journalists as assets.



Vietnam (North and South)

The USA and UK recognise the government of South Vietnam (set up against the wishes of the  Vietnamese people by France). The USSR and  China recognise the government in North Vietnam (set up by the  Vietnamese themselves in areas liberated from French rule).


The world now has two Germanys, two Chinas, two Koreas and two Vietnams each backed by one of the power blocks!



USA and Colombia

The USA sends free wheat to Colombia under an aid program called Food for Peace. This is paid  for by USA taxpayers.

This policy has the effect of  destroying Colombia’s wheat growing industry which is a rival to that of the USA. The country has to concentrate on  coffee which is more volatile in price. Many small holdings go out of business. This will eventually lead to cocaine cultivation.




A team of military scientists from USA, UK and Canada spray bacteria in the Bahamas. Thousands of animals are killed. The number of  human victims is unknown as the results of the tests remain classified.



USA and Korea

During the war in Korea, USA forces kill hundreds of civilians after receiving orders not to let refugees cross the front lines.  Many are strafed from aircraft, attacked by artillery from ships, have bridges blown up from under them while they cross, and are shot at.



USA and Puerto Rico

The USA crushes the independence movement in Puerto Rico.



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