Early Cockroaches Stirring The Pot In Asia.

The US Greenlights Militaristic Japan


February 24, 2014

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From an article at LRC, by John Pilger; in this article, he comments on a book by Bruce Cumings, “The Korean War: A History.

Like most Koreans, the farmers and fishing families protested the senseless division of their nation between north and south in 1945 – a line drawn along the 38th Parallel by an American official, Dean Rusk, who had “consulted a map around midnight on the day after we obliterated Nagasaki with an atomic bomb,” wrote Cumings.

In fact, Korea, north and south, has a remarkable people’s history of resistance to feudalism and foreign occupation, notably Japan’s in the 20th century. When the Americans defeated Japan in 1945, they occupied Korea and often branded those who had resisted the Japanese as “commies”.

Wasn’t resisting Japan what the Americans were doing for almost four years?  Does this make the Americans “commies” as well?  Perhaps we could ask America’s greatest ally during the war what he thinks.  But I digress.

Cumings exposes as propaganda the notion that Kim Il-sung, leader of the “bad” Korea, was a stooge of Moscow. In contrast, the regime that Washington invented in the south, the “good” Korea, was run largely by those who had collaborated with Japan and America. (emphasis added)