USA of Cockroaches–1952–ROGUE STATE



Coup in Cuba (Batista)

A military coup occurs in Cuba. The elected government of Carlos Prio Socorras is deposed by  Fulgencio Batista.

The USA supports the new Cuban dictator who is a particularly brutal ruler. Under his regime, Cuba becomes a haven for drugs,  gambling, vice and mobsters. USA business interests benefit.

Freedom of speech is curtailed and hundreds of teachers, lawyers and public officials are fired from their jobs. Death squads torture and kill  thousands of “communists”.



France in Morocco and Algeria

France fights independence movements in Algeria and Morocco.

The USA supports the European powers in their attempts to keep their colonies. These are examples of democratic and free countries denying the same  to others.



War in Korea

During the war in Korea, USA aircraft drop a number of diseased objects (feathers, bacteria, decaying animals, fish parts) in  Korea and China. Many people die from plagueanthrax and encephalitis.

A 600 page report by the International Scientific Comittee (involving scientists from  Sweden, France, UKItaly, Brazil and the USSR) states that:  “The peoples of Korea and China have indeed been the objectives of bacteriological weapons. These have been employed by  units of the USA armed forces, using a great variety of different methods for the purpose.”


The USA drops 70,000 gallons (265m3) of napalm per day on Korea. This is a substance  made from benzene, polystyrene and gasoline that catches fire and sticks to flesh. The victim is either burned to death or suffocated by lack of  oxygen.



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