USA Cockroaches–1955–ROGUE STATE



War in South Vietnam

Civil war begins in South Vietnam between factions who support the USA and French backed government and those who want unity with the (communist) north run by Ho Chi Minh. The USA backed Ngo Dinh Diem deposes the French backed Bao Dai.

The USA continue their support of the south. President Dwight Eisenhower, admits that “had elections been held, possibly 80% of the population would have voted for Ho Chi Minh, the communist leader”.



USA and India

The USA CIA is implicated in a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru.



Coup in Argentina (The Fall of Peron)

The military remove the popular president of Argentina, Juan Peron. Europe and the USA continue trading.



Greeks in Turkey

16 Greeks are killed and hundreds tortured in Istanbul (Turkey) during a pogrom organised by state authorities. Hundreds of women are raped. 73 churches are destroyed. Turkey is a member of the USA led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).



USA and Costa Rica

The USA attempts to overthrow the president of Costa Rica, Jose Figueres. The USA CIA attempts to assassinate Figueres on two occasions. The reasons are that Costa Rica was the first Central American country to establish diplomatic relations with the USSR and Eastern Europe.



USA and Europe

The USA begins a 20 year period of funding political parties, magazines, news agencies, journalist unions, lawyers associations and other groups in Western Europe. The USA agenda was for an anti-Communist, anti-Socialist, militarised, united Western Europe allied to and dominated by the USA, especially through NATO.


William Yandall Elliot publishes a report (The Political Economy of American Foreign Policy) in which he states that “[the primary threat of Communism is the economic transformation of the Communist powers] in ways that reduce their willingness and ability to complement the industrial economies of the West”.




Racial killings of black leaders occur in southern USA. Legalised segregation on public transport and in schools causes resentment. A black woman, Rosa Parks, is arrested in USA for using a bus seat reserved for white people. Alabama state police arrest blacks boycotting buses including a preacher called Martin Luther King.



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