USA Cockroaches–1957—ROGUE STATE



Coup in Haiti (Duvalier)

Francis “Papa Doc” Duvalier takes over Haiti. Supported by the USA, he rules the country autocratically, corruptly and brutally until 1971.

Under his regime and that of his son who succeeded him, 60,000 people would die. Thousands would be tortured by the Tonton Macoutes death squads. While Haiti would become the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, the Duvaliers would enrich themselves by stealing foreign aid money.



USA in Iran (SAVAK)

In Iran, the Shah (king), Reza Pahlavi, sets up a secret police agency (SAVAK). This agency is managed by the USA CIA at all levels of daily operation, including the choice and organization of personnel, selection and operation of equipment, and the running of agents.

SAVAK‘s torture methods include electric shock, whipping, beating, inserting broken glass and pouring boiling water into the rectum, putting weights to the testicles, and the extraction of teeth and nails.


Iran under the unelected Shah becomes a USA ally and a base for spy operations against the USSR.



King Hussein of Jordan creates undemocratic royal dictatorship. USA and UK support his regime and train his army.




The USA CIA plans to assassinate the president of Egypt, Gamal Abdul Nasser.




Arkasas state is threatened by the USA president for refusing to allow black students into white colleges.



© 2014, KryssTal



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