USA Cockroaches–1958–ROGUE STATE



Iraq (Abdul Karim Kassem)

General Abdul Karim Kassem overthrows the Western backed monarchy in Iraq and establishes a republic that is neutral in the Cold War.


The USA makes plans to invade Iraq with Turkey. The USA CIA director, Allen Dulles, states that the situation in Iraq is “the most dangerous in the world today”.

The UK have oil interests in the nearby semi-dependency of Kuwait and fear an independently minded Iraq. The UK Foreign Secretary, Selwyn Lloyd, sends a secret telegram (number 1979, dated 19 July 1958) to the UK Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, saying “The advantage of [immediate British occupation] would be that we could get our hands firmly on Kuwait oil [however] the effect upon international opinion and the rest of the Arab world would not be good.” He goes on to say that it would be better to set up “a kind of Kuwaiti Switzerland where the British do not exercise physical control” but must be prepared to “take firm action to maintain our position in Kuwait” as well as the other Gulf states (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar) and that the USA agrees with the UK “that at all costs these oil fields must be kept in Western hands”.


Six months earlier, when considering partial independence for Kuwait, Lloyd had stated that “The major British and indeed Western interests in the Persian Gulf were:


  • (a) to ensure free access for Britain and other Western countries to oil produced in States bordering the Gulf;


  • (b) to ensure the continued availability of the oil on favourable terms and for sterling; and to maintain suitable arrangements for the investment of the surplus revenues of Kuwait;


  • (c) to bar the spread of Communism and pseudo-Communism in the area and subsequently beyond; and, as a pre-condition of this, to defend the area against the brand of Arab nationalism under cover of which the Soviet Government at present prefers to advance.”



USA Nuclear Bomb Testing

Between 1946 and 1958, the USA had been testing nuclear bombs on the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Residents of the Bikini Atoll were forced to relocate to other islands.



USA, Saudi Arabia and Syria

Saudi Arabia and the USA attempt to destabilise Syria. Two attempts are made to overthrow the government of Syria.



USA and Lebanon

The USA sends 14,000 troops to put down anti-Western dissidents in Lebanon. The USA CIA had funded the election campaign of Camille Chamoun and had targeted opponents to American influence in the country.



Coup in Pakistan

A military coup occurs in Pakistan. The USA continues to support this country regardless of the legitimacy of the government. This is because Pakistan is hostile to India, a democratic country that does not allow American companies access to its people or materials.



USA and Indonesia

The USA attempts to destabilise the government of Indonesia. Large amounts of money are funneled by the CIA to influence elections.



Coup in Laos

The USA CIA and State Department engineer a coup in Laos.

The Lao political party, Pathet Lao, always wins elections or wins enough support to be in any coalition. This party is disliked by the USA even though it has much popular support. In the next few years, the USA would engineer several coups to topple the Pathet Lao and would eventually an army of rebels to destabilise Laos.



USA and Japan

In Japan, the USA CIA begin a 20 year campaign of financing the Liberal Democratic Party and undermining the Japanese Socialist Party.



USA and Turkey

The USA places nuclear missiles in Turkey aimed at the USSR across the Black Sea. An attempt is made to place nuclear missiles in Greece; these are removed after protests from the USSR.

These events go largely unreported in the West. A few years later, the USSR would attempt to place nuclear missiles in Cuba aimed at the USA. The second missile event would be reported in the Western media as The Cuban Missile Crisis.



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