USA Cockroaches–1959—ROGUE STATE



Cuba (Castro and Batista)

Fidel Castro takes power in Cuba in a popular uprising against the dictator Batista.


Castro had attempted to stand in elections in 1952. These elections were cancelled when Batista took power. American businesses (set up under the un-elected Batista with terms favourable to the USA) are taken over after the USA stops sugar imports from Cuba.

Castro, originally pro-West, turns to the USSR for financial help. Cuba’s people would suffer greatly from American trade embargoes, terrorist attacks, bombings, biological warfare, a military invasion, sanctions, isolation and assassination.



USA and Cambodia

The USA CIA plans to assassinate the leader of Cambodia, Norodom Sihanouk.



USA and Haiti

The USA continues to train the military of Francis Duvalier, the dictatorial ruler of Haiti. The USA military help crush a rebellion against Duvalier.



Coup in Laos

The USA CIA and State Department engineer a coup in Laos, the second in successive years.



USA and Nepal

According to CIA operative, Duane Clarridge, the USA carry out “covert action” during the first democratic election in Nepal. The beneficiary is B. P. Koirala and his Nepali Congress Party.



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