USA Cockroaches–1960–ROGUE STATE



Belgium and Congo (Assassination of Patrice Lumumba)

Belgium agrees to the independence of Congo with the charismatic and popular leader, Patrice Lumumba. During the independence ceremony Lumumba calls for economic and political freedom for Congo.


Eleven days after independence, Belgium intervenes militarily to set up the mineral rich southern part of the country into a separate state, Katanga, ruled by Moise Tshombe and financed by European and American mine owners.

Lumumba is arrested by the Belgian military and transferred in early 1961 to Katanga where he is tortured and killed by Tshombe’s forces and their Belgian advisors. After his death his body is dissolved in acid by the Belgian police under Gerard Soete. The USA CIA is later implicated in the assassination after an approval by the USA president Dwight Eisenhower. Belgium would apologise for the death of Lumumba in 2002.

Tshombe rules a united Congo after independence, allowing Western companies access to the minerals. The West’s business interests over-ride the wishes and interests of the local people.



Elections in South Korea

Rigged elections in South Korea (a country armed and supported extensively by the USA) cause riots. The American backed Park Chung-Hee, an army general, takes power in a military coup.


Park’s security forces favour the water torture, which leaves no physical marks on the victim. Cold water is forced up the nostrils through a tube, while a cloth is placed in the victim’s mouth to prevent breathing. One victim tells Amnesty International:

“.. my hands tied together, and I was tied to a chair. I was not allowed to have any sleep. At night, they would drag me to the basement where they would beat me with a long, heavy stick, and jump on me. They were trying to make me confess that I was a spy.”


Park Chung Hee would be assassinated by his own security forces in 1979.



USA and Cuba

The USA imposes a trade embargo on Cuba and bans its own citizens from visiting.

The USA attempts to persuade and coerce other countries to join the boycott of Cuba, saying that the country is a threat to the Western Hemisphere. A Mexican diplomat responds with “If we publicly declare that Cuba is a threat to our security, forty million Mexicans will die laughing”.



USA and Iraq

The leader of Iraq, Abdul Karim Kassem, helps found the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). This organisation challenges Western oil companies which maintain economic control of the marketing of Arab oil.


The USA CIA plans and attempts to assassinate Kassem at the same time destabilising Iraq by funding the minority Kurdish population.




The USA CIA and State Department engineer a coup in Laos, the third in successive years. The Pro-USA, Phoumi Nosavan is helped to power by ballot rigging.




The USA infiltrates the government of Ecuador and eventually removes the president, Jose Maria Velasco. The USA does not approve of Ecuador’s diplomatic relations with Cuba and the government’s refusal to clamp down on dissidents. The new leader also refuses to break relations with Cuba until threatened by a CIA backed military leader.


USA Race Riots

In the USA, there are race riots in Mississippi over black peoples’ access to schools and beaches.



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