USA Cockroaches–1962–ROGUE STATE



Dominican Republic

Two months before elections in the Dominican Republic, the USA ambassador, John Bartlow Martin, informs both presidential candidates in a memo (written in English and Spanish) that:

“The loser in the forthcoming election will, as soon as the election result is known, publicly congratulate the winner, publicly recognise him as the president of all Dominican people, and publicly call upon his own supporters to so recognise him… Before taking office, the winner will offer cabinet seats to members of the loser’s party.”


The USA helps the Dominican government deport 125 people (supporters of the previous regime) during the election. According to Martin it is “to help maintain stability so elections could be held”.



USA in Vietnam

The USA becomes more active in Vietnam.


Villagers are moved into fenced off camps. Chemical defoliants are sprayed into the jungle. These are later found to contain Dioxin. This is a cancer producing chemical that causes genetic mutations in children, who are born deformed or with parts of their bodies missing. No compensation has ever been paid.




After the loss of 1,000,000 lives, Algeria finally wins its independence from France.


The president of France, Charles de Gaulle was determined to grant Algeria independence. The USA opposed de Gaulle and supported an attempted French coup in the country. The CIA would later attempt to assassinate de Gaulle, who was blocking USA plans for domination of NATO.


In 2003, it would be revealed that France refuses to allow 100,000 Algerians who had fought on the French side from emigrating to France. Most of them would be massacred.



USA and Cuba

Cuba begins to improve education and health for its people as well as redistribute land, previously owned by multinational companies.

By 1973 Cuba will have the lowest child mortality and the highest literacy in Latin America. In spite of these measures, popular with the majority of the population, the USA puts pressure on its allies to exclude Cuba from various inter-American forums. The USA continues to blockade the country and even attempts to assassinate the president, Fidel Castro.


A UK freighter bound from Cuba to the USSR with 80,000 bags of sugar stops in Puerto Rico for repairs. Agents from the USA CIA contaminate the sugar with a harmless chemical that makes the sugar unpalatable. A CIA official later reveals:

“There was lots of sugar being sent out from Cuba, and we were putting a lot of contaminates in it.”


The USA president, John Kennedy, is angry when he hears of the operation because it had occurred on USA territory and could hand the USSR a propaganda weapon.

A Canadian worker in Cuba is paid $5,000 “by an American military intelligence agent” to infect turkeys with a fatal disease; 8,000 turkeys die.

A group of CIA dispatched rebels blow up an industrial facility killing 400 workers.




The USA CIA attempts to assassinate the president of Indonesia, Sukarno.




Two agencies from the USA (the CIA and the Agency for International Development) spend millions of dollars in an unsuccessful attempt to oppose the election of João Goulart in Brazil. Goulard would be toppled by a coup after two years.



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