USA Cockroaches–1964–ROGUE STATE



USA and North Vietnam

The USA begins secret attacks on North Vietnamese shipping. When a USA torpedo boat is attacked, the USA uses this as a pretext to begin bombing North Vietnam. The bombing is blanket and kills civilian and military alike. This is an undeclared war.



South Vietnam

The police in South Vietnam, trained by the USA’a CIA, arrest and torture the local population in the hunt for “communists” and supporters of the National Liberation Front (NLF). The NLF were fighting for the liberation of the country from the USA backed government. One detainee is Thien Thi Tao who is arrested while a student aged 18:

“Like most students I hated the American backed regime, especially for bringing a foreign army to Vietnam. It is true I did work for the NLF and I was prepared to fight for them. We all respected them. The police demanded that I hand over NLF names; when I refused I was strung upside down and electrocuted, and my head was held in a bucket of water. Then I was sent to Cong Song Island and put in what they called the tiger cages. You couldn’t stand up in them and, anyway, my legs were shackled; and every day they threw quicklime down on me. They had a place that was full of cow and pig excrement, and for no reason they’d put you in it and leave you. This was known as the coffin.”


The USA CIA sets up Operation Phoenix which uses torture on opponents: electric shock to genitals, insertion of implements into ears, and throwing victims out of helicopters.



Coup in Brazil

A military coup occurs in Brazil. The new leader is General Humberto de Alencar Castello Branco who has support from the USA. The USA government sends the new regime oil during the coup.


The previous president João Goulart had traded with communist nations, maintained diplomatic relations with Cuba, supported the labour movement, and limited the profits multinational companies could take out of the country.

After the coup, labour and trade unions are banned, criticism of the President becomes unlawful. Thousands of suspected communists (including children) are arrested and tortured. Land is stolen from indigenous people and their culture destroyed. The region’s first death squads are set up and trained by the USA CIA. Over 70,000 would die between 1964 and 1985.

Drug dealers, many of them government officials, are given protection because they maintain national security interests.


The West recognises the new regime and trades with it. There would not be a civilian government in Brazil until 1985.



Coup in Saudi Arabia

King Faisal deposes King Saud in Saudi Arabia. The West continues supporting this country even though the leader has not been chosen by the people.



USA in Panama

Troops from the USA, fire on demonstrators in Panama who were calling for the return of the canal.



Coup in Bolivia

The president of Bolivia, Victor Paz, is removed by a coup backed by the USA CIA. Bolivia had refused to support USA policies against Cuba.



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