USA Cockroaches–1966–ROGUE STATE



The Vietnam-USA War

The USA now has 385,000 troops in South Vietnam.


Many villages are destroyed. TV pictures of American soldiers casually setting fire to huts while distressed villagers look on disturb the USA public. Student and Buddhist led demonstrators in Saigon demand the end of the military government in South Vietnam. Vietnamese troops brutally suppress dissent.


The coal mining town of Hongai becomes the most bombed place in Vietnam. Carrier based planes bomb the town continuously from 7am until 5pm every day. This causes 10% of the town’s children to become deaf.

In the USA, David Lawrence, editor of US News & World Report, writes:

“What the United States is doing in Vietnam is the most significant example of philanthropy extended by one people to another that we have witnessed in our times.”


Most Western countries tacitly support USA actions in Vietnam.



USA, North Vietnam and Laos

North Vietnam and Laos are bombed heavily by the USA with huge loss of civilian life.



Coup in Central Africa (Bokassa)

A military coup brings Bokassa to power in Central Africa. For 13 years he rules brutally. Opponents are publicly clubbed to death in the streets (including 100 children in 1979) and all power is centralised to him and his family who bleed the country’s finances.

France supports this regime because of concessions in mining the huge Uranium deposits. South Africa and the USA loan money to the government.



Coup in Ghana

Kwame Nkrumah, the leader of Ghana, attempts to lessen his country’s dependence of the West. He strengthens military and economic ties to Eastern Europe, the USSR and China. Nkrumah is removed from power in a coup backed by the USA CIA.

According to a CIA internal memo dated 25 February 1966 (declassified in 1977) the CIA and Ghana’s military leaders had been plotting the coup for over a year.



USA and Bolivia

The election campaign of René Barrientos in Bolivia gains $600,000 from the USA CIA and $200,000 from the American company Gulf Oil.



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