USA Cockroaches–1967–ROGUE STATE



Coup in Greece

In Greece, a military coup led by ex-Nazi George Papadopoulolis overthrows the elected government of Andreas Papandreou. During World War II, Papadopoulolis had been a captain in the Nazi Security Battalions, whose purpose was to catch members of the Greek Resistance for Germany.

The coup had been planned by the Greek monarchy, the Greek military, the American military stationed in Greece and the USA CIA.


During the first month of the new regime 8,000 people are imprisoned and tortured. Greece is expelled from the European Commission on Human Rights, but continues to receive aid from the USA in return for housing American military bases. The country continues to be part of NATO and trade with the West.

Amnesty International would later report that “American policy on the torture question as expressed in official statements and official testimony has been to deny it where possible and minimize it where denial was not possible. This policy flowed naturally from general support for the military regime”.

The USA writer James Becket describes many victims being told by Basil Lambrou, one of the chief interrogators: “Behind me there is the government, behind the government is NATO, behind NATO is the USA. You can’t fight us, we are Americans”.


Greece would not return to democratic government until 1974.



Cuba (Assassination of Che Guevara)

The USA CIA is implicated in several plots to assassinate Che Guevara, a member of the government in Cuba. A CIA operation with support from Cuban exiles finally tracks him down to Bolivia where he is killed.



Elections in Nicaragua

Rigged elections in Nicaragua keep the USA backed Samoza dynasty in power. The West recognises the new government.



The Vietnam-USA War

The war in Vietnam continues with 80 South Vietnamese civilians killed by “friendly fire” from USA planes.


The Australian journalist, John Pilger visits a hospital in Can Tho in the Mekong Delta. A region bombed heavily by USA B-52 bombers:

“‘I guess he’s around ten years old,’ said the young American doctor, a volunteer. Before us was a child whose nose and chin had merged, whose eyes apparently could not close and whose skin, once brown, was now red and black and papery, like frayed cloth. ‘Beats me how these kids live through all that shit out there,’ says the doctor, ‘This one’s been burned with Napalm B. That’s the stuff made from benzene, polystyrene and gasoline. It sticks to the body and is impossible to get off, and either burns the victim to death or suffocates him by using up all the oxygen.'”


The CIA runs Operation Phoenix to identify and kill alleged resistance leaders operating in Vietnamese villages. About 20,000 people are killed.



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