USA Cockroaches–1971-ROGUE STATE



Coup in Turkey

A military coup occurs in Turkey. The country continues to receive aid from the West and is part of NATO.



Coup in Thailand

Another military coup occurs in Thailand.

The West continues trading and supporting this country. The USA uses Thailand as a “rest and recreation” centre for its soldiers serving in Vietnam. This helps make Thailand into a major destination for sex tourists.



Elections in Indonesia

During rigged elections in Indonesia, President Suharto bans political parties, disqualifies candidates and disenfranchises voters.



USA and China

The USA begins trading with China, a country ruled by an unelected government that violates human rights.




Troops from the USA backed South Vietnam invade Laos.




Jean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier succeeds his father in Haiti.




In Vietnam, the USA’s Ninth Infantry Division completes a campaign called “Operation Speedy Express” against the Vietnamese. American officials later admit that 5000 non-combatants had been killed.

The USA magazine Newsweek holds the story for 6 months before publishing it.




The USA CIA gives Cuban exiles living in Florida (USA) a virus that causes African swine fever. Less than 2 months later, the disease breaks out in Cuba causing the slaughter of 500,000 pigs. This was the first outbreak in the Americas.



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