USA Cockroaches–1972–ROGUE STATE



USA in North Vietnam

USA B-52 planes bomb Hanoi and Haiphong in North Vietnam killing many civilians. This is one of the heaviest bombing campaigns against civilian targets.


USA warships blockade North Vietnamese ports.




Ferdinand Marcos assumes dictatorial powers in the Philippines. Martial Law is imposed until 1981. Opponents are arrested or exiled (including Benigno Aquino who is assassinated on his return in 1983 at the airport). The USA supports the country and has several bases there.

Since his election in 1965, the national debt of the Philippines grew from $ 2,000 million to $ 30,000 million; USA corporations in the Philippines prospered. The USA continues to back the Marcos regime.




The USA backed Lon Nol assumes dictatorial powers in Cambodia.




An earthquake occurs in Nicaragua. The USA backed dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza Debayle loots the property of people who had left their homes and then siphons international aid of $ 30 million into its own pockets. The USA sends troops to protect American business interests and continue to back the regime.



El Salvador

Jose Duarte wins the election in El Salvador but is immediately removed and exiled by the USA backed military. Just 14 families run most of the country’s businesses, mainly coffee growing.



Lebanon and Syria

Up to 500 Lebanese and Syrian civilians are killed in air attacks by Israel in response to the killing of 11 athletes at the Olympic Games in Munich (West Germany).

The attacks occur as nine separate but simultaneous air raids by Phantoms and Skyhawks on Lebanon and Syria. In al-Hama, a suburb of Damascus, houses are bombed indiscriminately and people are machine gunned as they run for cover.


The USA vetoes a United Nations resolution condemning the air raids.



USA and Australia

The USA CIA channels millions of dollars to unsuccessfully block the election of Edward Gough Whitlam as Prime Minister of Australia.



USA and Iraq

The USA provides $16 million worth of military aid to Kurdish rebels in Iraq. The purpose is to tie up Iraq’s resources and please USA ally, Iran.

A USA CIA memo of 1974 would admit: “Iran, like ourselves, has seen benefit in a stalemate situation… in which Iraq is intrinsically weakened by the Kurd’s refusal to relinquish semi-autonomy. Neither Iran nor ourselves wish to see the matter resolved one way or the other”.



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