USA Cockroaches-1974–ROGUE STATE



USA and Vietnam

The USA introduces a trade embargo on Vietnam that lasts until 1994.




The USA sends $1,400,000 to assist troops fighting a civil war in Zaire. The USA backed ruler, Mobutu Sese Seko, keeps the entire sum.


Zaire has more resources than most other countries in the region; the corrupt regime keeps this country so poor that one third of Zaire’s children die before the age of five. Imprisonment and torture, often without trial, are commonly used against Mobutu’s opponents.



Ethiopia (The Fall of Halie Selassie)

Emperor Halie Selassie is overthrown in Ethiopia. He had been supported by the USA in return for bases on the Red Sea.

The USA had given the country millions in aid and had bought Selassie a $ 2,000,000 yacht while Ethiopia was the poorest nation in Africa with a literacy rate was 7%.




After 48 years, the fascist dictatorship in Portugal is brought down in a bloodless coup. The country begins a program of land reform, worker rights and decolonisation. The USA finances the opposition media, opposition political parties and candidates and attacks the new government in its media.

Naval and air exercises off the coast of Portugal with 19 NATO warships moored in Lisbon harbour is seen by most Portuguese as intimidation.



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