Memorial Day Bullshit–Cockroach Haven!

Some Anti-Memorial Day Remembrances

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FacebookTwitter railroads,” as General Sherman himself said.  The chief engineer of the government-subsidized transcontinental railroads, Lincoln confidant Grenville Dodge, asked Congress to make slaves of the Indians and force them to dig the railroad beds from the Mid-West to California.  Congress refused and funded a war of extermination (also Sherman’s word) instead.  Sherman, who was in charge of the Indian Wars, called his efforts “the final solution to the Indian problem.”

The Spanish-American War was yet another exercise in imperialistic conquest, this time using the mysterious explosion in the battleship Maine as an excuse to wage war on Cuba for four years in order to take over Cuba’s sugar and tobacco industries for the benefit of American corporations.

World War I was none of America’s business, either, but Woodrow Wilson used the excuse of the sinking of the British pleasure boat, the Lusitania, which carried 100 American tourists, to enter the war.  He knew that the “pleasure boat” was secretly transporting arms to England, and refused to warn the American tourists of the danger.  One effect of Wilson’s war was to strengthen the hands of the communists in Russia and the Nazis in Germany, as Jim Powell persuasively argues in his book, Wilson’s War.  Without American participation in World War I, Powell argues, there may never have even been a World War II as the Europeans would have eventually settled their own differences as they had been doing for hundreds of years.

Americans were never threatened with being forced to speak German or Japanese, or adopt sauerkraut or sushi as their national foods during the 1940s, either.  One can disagree with Robert Stinnett’s extremely persuasive argument in his book, Day of Deceit, about how FDR manipulated the Japanese into invading Pearl Harbor, just as Lincoln manipulated the South Carolinians.  But one cannot deny the fact that the end result of World War II was that Russia’s international socialists (a.k.a. communists), as opposed to Germany’s national socialists (a.k.a. Nazis), got to impose totalitarian rule over Central and Eastern Europe for the next forty-five years, with the U.S. government allying itself with the former gang of totalitarian socialists for the duration of the war.

Nor were Americans ever threatened with being forced to speak Korean, Vietnamese, Iraqi, or any other language.  Rothbard was right: The only two just, defensive wars in American history were the American Revolution and the South’s side during the War to Prevent Southern Independence.  Since there are no longer any “Civil War” veterans alive today, you would only be making a fool of yourself by saying “thank you for your service” to any veteran on Memorial Day — or any other day.



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